What is Bitcoin Halving?

Bitcoin halving, also known as “the halving” or “halving,” is a planned event that occurs approximately every four years on the Bitcoin network. It involves a reduction in the amount of new bitcoins that are released into circulation, and is designed to control the supply of bitcoins and maintain the value of the cryptocurrency.

During a bitcoin halving event, the rate at which new bitcoins are released into circulation is reduced by 50%. This means that the number of new bitcoins that are created and added to the total supply is halved. For example, before the first bitcoin halving in 2012, the block reward was 50 bitcoins per block. After the halving, the block reward was reduced to 25 bitcoins per block.

The bitcoin halving is a key part of the Bitcoin network’s design and is programmed into the protocol. It is designed to ensure that the total supply of bitcoins will eventually approach 21 million, at which point the block reward will be reduced to zero and no new bitcoins will be released into circulation. This will limit the total supply of bitcoins and is intended to help maintain the value of the cryptocurrency over time.

The next bitcoin halving is expected to occur in May 2024.

Here is a chart showing the expected schedule of bitcoin halving events until the year 2100:

Halving EventBlock HeightBlock RewardYear
First Halving210,00050 BTC2012
Second Halving420,00025 BTC2016
Third Halving630,00012.5 BTC2020
Fourth Halving840,0006.25 BTC2024
Fifth Halving1,050,0003.125 BTC2028
Sixth Halving1,260,0001.5625 BTC2032
Seventh Halving1,470,0000.78125 BTC2036
Eighth Halving1,680,0000.390625 BTC2040
Ninth Halving1,890,0000.1953125 BTC2044
Tenth Halving2,100,0000.09765625 BTC2048
Eleventh Halving2,310,0000.048828125 BTC2052
Twelfth Halving2,520,0000.0244140625 BTC2056
Thirteenth Halving2,730,0000.01220703125 BTC2060
Fourteenth Halving2,940,0000.006103515625 BTC2064
Fifteenth Halving3,150,0000.0030517578125 BTC2068
Sixteenth Halving3,360,0000.00152587890625 BTC2072
Seventeenth Halving3,570,0000.000762939453125 BTC2076
Eighteenth Halving3,780,0000.0003814697265625 BTC2080
Nineteenth Halving3,990,0000.00019073486328125 BTC2084

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