Introducing ONINO Project


  • ONINO is a layer one Blockchain that can connect to any wallet to store metadata. A multi chain metadata registry.
  • ONINO will allow dapps of a new kind (real world usecases) to thrive on any platform or its native ecosystem.

Major Features

  • Multi Wallet Connect and Asset Overview
  • Dual Chain Data Security Solution
  • Native Ecosystem on Layer 1 Chain
  • Low Transaction Fees & Proof of Stake
  • Native Exchange & Farm
  • Plug and Play Solution for Wallets
  • Multi Wallet Connect and Asset Overview
  • German Company & renowned team
  • DOXXing after launch
  • Locked with Unicrypt
  • Layer One Chain
  • Farming opportunities
  • Multiple CEX/DEX listing planned
  • Multiple Partnerships Secured
  • Long Term Vision for Web 3.0

Important Dates

  • Pre-Sale: January 8th, 2022
    • 8% Token Allocation
    • $0.08 per Token
  • DEX Launch: January 22nd, 2022
    • Token launched on Binance Smart Chain
    • ONI tokens can be purchased from pancakeswap.


Total Supply: 100,000,000
• Pre Seed Sale (1%)
• Seed Sale (4%)
• Pre Sale (8%)
• Strategic Sale – multiple rounds (20%)(partly lock)
• Initial Liquidity (2%)lock
• Team (12%) lock
• Advisors & Marketing (8%) lock
• Developer Fund (5%) lock
• Liquidity Mining (15%) (partly lock)
• Airdrops (2%) (partly lock)
• Cross Chain Liquidity (7%) (partly lock)
• Staking Rewards (14%) lock
• Innovation Fund (2%) (lock)

Onino Website and Social Media

Onino Charts, Onino Listings etc.

If you like the content of this website and would like to make some donations, please send your tokens to the following address.






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