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  • How can blockchain technology impact humanity?

    Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries and change the way that we live and work. Some potential ways that blockchain could change humanity include: Here are some specific examples of how blockchain technology can change humanity. These are just a handful of samples. The usage of blockchain technology is…

  • Top 100 Potential Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology has been a revolution, there are infinite number of ways you can use his technology for transparency, security and to build trustless systems. Here are top 100 potential use cases of blockchain technology.

  • Secure Medical Records on Blockchain – A Dream That ONINO project could solve

    Introduction Although I am a relatively healthy person. Few times a year, I go to see my doctor for my annual physical check required by my employer. They take all my vitals, they have my multiple medical history surveys, insurance information, records of my illness, any medicine prescribed, my blood types, my medical procedures,  and…